The Origin Of The Cauasian Race

The Origin Of The Cauasian Race









Learn The Magic Of Why This Race Has Been The Dominate Race For The Past 400 Years & Why The World Has A Love Hate Relationship With Them!




Pictures Below are “Authentic” Albinos of the “Original” People of India – The “Dravidians”.







The Cusasian Race is derived from Indian/Dravidian Albinos, is documented in the findings from genetic analysis of Y-DNA haplogroup “R“.



Haplogroup R (Y-DNA)

In human genetics, Haplogroup R is a Y-chromosome DNA haplogroup, a subgroup of haplogroup P, defined by the M207 mutation.


This haplogroup is believed to have arisen around 26,800 years ago, somewhere in Central Asia or South Asia, where its ancestor Haplogroup P is most often found at polymorphic frequencies. Cambridge University geneticist Kivisild et al. (2003) suggests that southern and western Asia might be the source of this haplogroup:


Given the geographic spread and STR diversities of sister clades R1 and R2, the latter of which is restricted to India, Pakistan, Iran, and southern central Asia, it is possible that southern and western Asia were the source for R1 and R1a differentiation.


The R haplogroup is common throughout Europe and western Asia and the Indian sub-continent, and in those whose ancestry is from within these regions. It also occurs in North and Sub-Saharan Africa. The distribution is markedly different for the two major subclades R1a and R1b.


Haplogroup R1a is typical in populations of Eastern Europe, Indian Subcontinent and parts of Central Asia. R1a has a significant presence in Northern Europe, Central Europe, Altaians and Iran as well as in Siberia. R1a can be found in low frequencies in the Middle East, mostly in Indo-European speakers or their descendants.






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