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 Imagine if Facebook Shared Its Profits With its membership how would that benefit its members?


NoopooH Community Circle will be the First Social Network to share its profits with membership with our member referral program.


NoopooH is the only project of its kind where Black people all over the World can use the power of Social Networking to solve problems only we understand.


Become a NoopooH member and help build personal and business relationships with African/Black people all over the World, and know that your membership is funding the First Ever Online Interactive Multi-Million Dollar African Cultural Reference Encyclopedia.


NoopooH membership is affordable for everyone and welcomes everyone to help support our goals. Keep in mind that membership pays for itself when compared to the benefits of Profit Sharing $$$.

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NoopooH membership Levels Soon To Come


Copper Level = $19 for 1 year membership


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1. Like Angie’s List members will be able to search our database of Black Businesses all over the World keeping the Black dollar in Black hands and receive up to a 9% discount on purchased products and services.


2. Like eBay members will be able to auction products and services as well as post their Real Estate listings.


3. Coming soon- your account will be linked to your facebook account so that all your post on NoopooH would automatically be displayed to your Facebook friends and followers.


4. Members can advertise on NoopooH Community Circle for FREE or a small fee in our classified section provided that the product or service does not conflict with NoopooH goals.


5. Members will receive VIP status at NoopooH events and be first to receive email notifications of all things new & cool from NoopooH.


6. Free access to the Worlds Only African Cultural Reference Encyclopedia once it becomes operational.


7. Members can create their own virtual classroom giving lectures & training courses.


8. Member access to our question & answer forum concerning religion, politics, education, finance, Black History and much more……


9. NoopooH Commission Sales – Coming Soon All members will be able to earn $5 for each and every referral of Family & Friends who become NoopooH members!

{we are proud NoopooH members }


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