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Love & Unity Relationship Contract For Black People

From & For Those Who Care!


We Must Live By The 4 Principles Of Ma’at

(Order, Balance, Justice, Righteouness)


Based On The Natural Nature Law #1

[Preservation Of Self & Kind]


“What You Do For Yourself & Kind Depends On What You Think Of Yourself & Kind, What You Think Of Yourself & Kind Depends On What You Know Of Yourself & Kind, & What You Know Of Yourself & Kind Depends On What You Was Taught & By Whom Of Yourself & Kind”


The above original quote of Kwa David Whitake has been modified by!


“Until The Lions Have Their Historians, The Hunter Will Always Be The Hero”


The Negative Mind Talks Of What It Can’t & Will Not Do For Self & Kind!


The Postive Mind Just Get Things Done Without Complanits For Self & Kind!


PROBLEM — What Is The Original Crime Committed Against Black People Worldwide?

ANSWER — White People & Others Interference Into The Lives Of Black People.




A Demand For Global Black Wealth To Invest In Black Communities Worldwide In The Positive!

A Demand For Black People Worldwide To Support & Promote Positive Black Owned & Controlled Businesses!

A Demand For The World To Let Black People Solve Their Own Problems Without Their Interference!


Black people must solve their own problems by Black people supporting Black people at least 90% of the time when reasonable.



These Goals Can Be Realized With Your Support Of – Become A Member

All Signers Of This Petition Must Be Honest & Sincere To Support These Goals!

For questions contact – Pehty-Sena Tebtu Rayay –ph:678-961-8134, email –


Recommended Reading & Source Material As To Why This Petition Is Needed

Think & Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill


A Creature From Jekyll Island By G Edward Griffin


Winners Take All By Anand Giridharadas


Black Labor White Wealth & Powernomics By Claud Anderson


When We Ruled By  Robin Walker


Destruction Of A Black Civilization By Chancellor Williams


Bible Interpretations & Explanations part 1&2 By Amun Nubi Re Akh Tah




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