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Our Goals, Purpose, Objectives, and Benefits

I would like to take the time to talk about All of our goals, purpose, objectives and benefits of –

NoopooH Cultural Academy

Step one of ours plans – Goals, make sure the world becomes well aware of purpose and benefits and the creation of the First Online Interactive Nuwpunu Reference Encyclopedia; once we achieve that goal, our next plan will be to build Nuwpunu Cultural Academies for children, that will teach, Civics, Law, Science, Architecture, Agriculture, Business, Mathematics…. and Nuwpunu cultural community/tribal living, Of ,For, and By, each other, being in tune with Nature once again.

Step two of the plans– Purpose, teach Nuwpunu children the world over that they are great, and that they come from a great ancestry, and that anything our ancestors did, they could do also, if they have access to the same information.

Step three of our plans-Objectives, which are to destroy all the lies told about Nuwpunu ancestry the world over. Many people all over the globe including Nuwpunu (Africans) have a negative outlook of Nuwpunu culture based mostly on lies that must be eliminated by FACTS of Our Story.

Step four of our plans– The Benefits, of telling Our Story from our view point with out the racist views of other cultures telling Our Story, Nuwpunu people will now know how great there past is for the first time, which can and must be duplicated for the future of Earth.






{I Know My Work, & I’m a proud student at NoopooH!}

The Nineteen Principles


NoopooH Cultural Academy

1. We teach the Facts of Ourstory!

2.We teach what our ancestors called the nature of nature and the nature of so called death or the unknown ascension of the Spirit and Soul!

3. We teach what our ancestors taught about how to create a Government of harmony based on the principles of Maa’t!

4. We teach advance Science, Math, Agriculture, Language, Art, … and the first thing our ancestors taught every child about the nature and purpose of life!

5. We teach the principles of Right Knowledge & its opposite; The principles of Wrong Knowledge !

6. We teach the science our ancestors called Solar Biology aka Science Of Self Healing & Astronomy.

7. We teach who our ancestors called The Most High, or what most people call GOD!

8. We teach Nuwpunu people how they can overcome poverty, racism, and White Supremacy promoted by Western media, and that the solution to all our problems is the love and respect of self and kind working as one toward positive goals.

9. We teach that no one race of people is better than the other, that no one wins the race in racism.

10.  We teach that the only true Revolution people should focus on is a Revolution of values and thoughts which must start within each person by being truthful with themselves and about themselves. Therefore we completely and categorically reject all mythsfictions, religions and lies that have not been proven. That would include your Heavens, our Hells, Your Hell Fire and Brimstones, Your Horn and Pitchfork Devils, Your Winged Angels, and Your Old Man God Character, Sitting on a Throne up there somewhere. We  deal strictly with facts. If it can’t be proven, then we don’t acknowledge it, that does not mean we won’t listen, but just don’t expect us to accept blind beliefs by virtue of a title such as Reverend, Pastor, Deacon, Imam, Sheikh, Rabbi, Minister, Theologian,  etc, that is sensationalism and we deal strictly with facts based on Natural Law respecting and living by the principles of Maa’t.

11.  We teach that truth and facts are always and have always been the originator and creator of all success.

12.  We teach that loyalty is the greatest of all honors and treason is the worst of all crimes.

13.  We teach that positive creativity, love, and cooperation are the essence of success.

14.  We teach that Females & Males are equal opposites based on natural law principles and that they must work as one mind, one body.

15. We teach that Humans biological and cultural heritage is now under attack by Humans lack of morals, Self-Righteous Mind Set, Desire to Control Resources, Selfishness, and these sad realities threaten the continual existence of Humanity.

16. We teach that all must learn to distinguish between claims and substantiated facts.

17. We teach that lust cannot be contained as the oceans cannot be contained for only you can contain yourself; Because lust can and will destroy you.

18. We teach that all must strive to keep physically fit and that all must keep their body and mind in the best health possible at all times.

19. We teach that all must acknowledge the eternal laws of Nature revealed through science, past events, common sense, and sound right reasoning revealed as Right Knowledge, Right Overstanding, Right Wisdom.


{we are proud NoopooH Dancers}

The Alphabet

A.       Always  Be The Positive Person.

B.        Believe In Yourself And Others Will Believe In You.

C. Communicate With Others Positively. It’s The Lack Of Communication That Causes All Problems.

D. Don’t Be The Troublemaker. You Do Not Always Have to Be Right.

E. Effort Always Pay Off.

F.        Follow Your Instincts, They Are Usually Right.

G. Give Your Best In All You Do.

H. Help Others To Help Themselves.

I. Introduce The Positive Thoughts, Ideas And Actions.

J. Join In On Positive Things. Help To Solve The Problems; Don’t Become The Problem.

K.        Keep A Positive Mind And Outlook.

L. Listen To Your Inner Voice If  It Tells You What’s Right By All And Not Just Yourself

M. Maintain The Peace And A Peaceful Outlook.

N. Never Leave A Job Incomplete.

O. Offer Assistance Whenever You Can.

P. Participate In Community Events.

Q. Questions Lead To The Facts.

R. Remember, You’re Never Alone If You’re Kind, Considerate, And Unselfish.

S. Stand For What is Right.

T. Teach, Don’t Preach.

U. Utilize All Your Potentials.

V. Victory And Success Come Only From Hard Work.

W. Work With All Your Heart.

X. Xenophobia, That Is: The Fear And Hatred Of Foreigners, Is Nothing More Than An Insecurity That You Don’t Need.

Y. You’re The Master Of Your Destiny. You Are The Cause Of Your Problems.

Z. Zeal Is Healthy For Success.

{at NoopooH we work together}


Our Vowels

A. Actions Speak Louder Than Words.

E. Everything That Goes Around Comes Around.

I. If You Can’t Stand The Heat, Get Out Of The Kitchen.

O.Opposites Attract.

U.  Unanimous Decisions Are Not Always The Right Decisions.

Y. You Are What You Eat.

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NoopooH Academy

3550 Centerville High, Suite 107, pmb#148
Snellville, GA, 30039

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Your brother at arms – Pehty Sena Tebtu Re

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Testimonial John Smith
John Smith
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Testimonial John Smith
John Smith
Manager at Viona Business

Testimonial John Smith
John Smith
Manager at Viona Business