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What are Cycles?

Life is based on Constant Cycles, and Death is base on things staying the same.


What are cycles, and how do they impact our World and Culture every day of our lives.


Well all things have cycles such as the Planet Earth has many cycles like Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Businesses have cycles that they break up into main 4 quarters. Women have monthly menstrual cycles, animals have mating cycles, insects have pollination cycles, Humans have growth cycles, and as you can see All things in Nature have cycles/ seasons of existence.


Our topics of concern are the cycles of the Human Races on the Planet Earth in regards to Origins, Ruler ships, Laws, and Culture.


All should know the Races on the Planet Earth, their Origins, Nature, and lastly Ruling Cycles. The first Race on the Planet Earth are Nuwpunu peoples with woolly hair by Nature, next are the Indian race having Brown skin color with black straight hair by Nature, next you have the Mongoloid race who have light/yellow skin with straight black hair by Nature, and lastly you have the Caucasoid race with pale skin with straight Blond to Red hair by Nature.


One must know that the Universe you live in have four major cycles lasting 18 million years each, which means the Galaxy you live in has cycles, which then means that the Solar System you live in is governed by these cycles, and in turn the Planet called Earth has cycles; all these realities mean that cycles have an impact on the genetics,culture and  behavior of all the Races on the Planet Earth.


The Nature of cycles that we are talking about are never taught in Western schools, but these cycles affect Humans of All races both Mentally and Physically.


These cycles send electromagnetic energy into Earths atmosphere that interacts with all life forms genetics being able to alter Mental as well as Physical make up of peoples and things. These electromagnetic energies have a positive effect on some species in one cycle, and then will have a negative effect on the same species in another cycle.


These energy cycles are the root cause of the changes called global warming that mundane Western Scientists are blaming Western Culture on; not to say that pollution isn’t helping the cycle OF THE SUNS of the Universe.


Please know that the increase of Solar Energy is really what’s heating up the Planet Earth, and if you are a NU-WAU-PIAN (African) with SUN POWERS aka (Melanin/Soul), this will help you be intune with the cycle and season of the time. These are certain facts that are not taught which is why the Ancient cultures where so interested in having the right or correct calendar and clock.


Study The Universal Clock Below To Overstand These Concepts More!


Our Logo Teaches The Science Of Time And Existence!

To Learn The Ancient Science Of Nuwpunu People Regarding The Universe,

Come To Our Free Lectures On This Topic!


Take Your Time And Study Our Calendar Below And Learn Why We Must Know What Time It Is!!!


Why We Must Have Our Own Calendar


Calendar: From the Webster’s New World College Dictionary, 4th Edition.

(Noun) Middle English calendar, Latin kalendarium – account book.  1. A system of determining the beginning, length, and divisions of a year and for arranging the year into days, weeks, and months.  2. A table, chart, register, etc. that shows such an arrangement, usually for a single year.  3. A list or schedule, as of pending court cases, bills coming before the legislature, planned social events, etc.


Time: From the Webster’s New World  College Dictionary, 4th Edition.

(Noun) From Old English tima – to part, to divde up.  I. Duration; continuance.  1. Indefinite, unlimited duration in which things are considered as happening in the past, present, or future; every moment there has ever been or ever will be.


In this day and time, we Nuwpunu (the proper term for the Negroid race) must set the record straight about the concept of time.  Time is the continuity of the existence of Space and Matter.  It is merely the measurement of matter as it changes through space.  For example, we are taught that a year is the time taken for a planet to revolve-to orb or travel- around the Sun.  As the planet revolves, it goes through cyclical changes i.e. spring, summer, fall, and winter.  True time or Natural Time as the continuity of Space is constant, but as the continuity of Matter is constant, variant, and changeable.  Evidence of this is shown at the points where Earth is closest to the Sun, the faster the planet revolves.  At the points furthest from the Sun, it revolves slower.

The mechanisms and charts given to us from the West are insufficient for “clocking” time with missing hours, minutes, and seconds.  The Western World calculates days- the complete rotation of a planet- in 24 hour increments while there is actually 23 hours 56 minutes and 6 seconds in a day.  The term day in itself is a trick, in so far as “day” refers to the hours of sunshine which only takes up half of a rotation period.  Also, the Gregorian Calendar attempts to make corrections for these mistakes by adding Leap Years, Daylight Saving’s Time, etc. to hide their inaccuracies.  Natural time has no breaks, leaps and does not reverse; time expands, time is.


This calendar, entitled Nuwaupian Tagwum SANU 64, has been designed to solve this error.  Our time, Natural Time is based around events in Nature.  As the solar systems and the galaxies revolve, cycles and seasons change the conditions in Nature.  The purpose for a calendar is to be aware of the cycle and season you are in to experience the highest quality of life given the conditions.  We are now in Year (Sanu) 64 of the Revolutionary Cycle.  The Universe alternates through four major cycles Origination (Summer), Dorigination (Fall), Evolution (Winter), and Revolution (Spring).  At its peak, a Universe exists in the summer cycle called Origination and exerts it most potent energies.  In this cycle, only original species exist at their highest quality.  All life must rest after exhaustion of its highest energies, and the Universe is no exception.  This brings us to the fall season of the Universe called Dorigination.

In this cycle, the energies in Nature decline and new species of a weaker genetic material spawn.  After decline the Universe goes through the winter season called Evolution.  The Evolutionary Cycle is the deterioration of the conditions in Nature.  During this cycle, the weakest energies in existence spawn which is referred to as albino species.  This deterioration is a cleansing period that makes room for the next spring season, called the Revolution Cycle.  This cycle is the rebirth and revolving of the energies in Nature to its highest standards and conditions.





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