Nuwpunu Sound Healing

What is Nuwpunu Sound Healing?

Before we explain what is meant by Nuwpunu Sound Healing, first let’s define what it means to be sound and right.  Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines sound as:

Sound (adjective)

1 a: free from injury or disease b: free from flaw, defect, or decay

2: solid, firm; also : stable

3 a: free from error, fallacy, or misapprehension <sound reasoning> b: exhibiting or based on thorough knowledge and experience <sound scholarship> c: legally valid <a                                                            sound title> d: logically valid and having true premises e: agreeing with accepted views

4 a: thorough b: deep and undisturbed <a sound sleep>

5: showing good judgment or sense <sound advice>

6: Tones of life, light is sound, vibration create sound, the body is sound, all things in nature vibrate which create sounds or tones for all things in nature. Every living thing has its own special sound or tone which gives it life.

Now lets take a look at the definition of right, as defined in Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary:


1: righteous, upright

2: being in accordance with what is just, good, or proper <right conduct>

3: conforming to facts or truth: correct <the right answer>

4: suitable, appropriate <the right man for the job>

5: straight <a right line>

6: genuine, real

Coupling the word Sound with the word Right, as defined above, signifies that the information and methods we use to approach Healing must not only be Right (correct), they must be firm, valid, thorough, and have true premise, the body must be in tune or vibrating to produce its natural Sound. At times you have heard of someone having sound mind and/or sound body, now you learn the truth that the body is sound and has its own scare tone for proper health and well being. When one is sick or has a disease its only because their body is out of tune or its vibrational sound frequency is out of sink or alignment.  Now you know the purpose of Nuwpunu Sound Healing is to promote these simple facts that Nuwpunu people have been purposely mislead about.

Our focus is to address the extremely unhealthy state of the majority of Nuwpunu people; Not only the Nuwpunu in America, but those on the continent of Nuwaupia and all other continents as well.  We do not have any prejudices against anybody outside of the Nuwpunu race.  It is our premise that before we can aid or help sustain any other race of people, we must first be able to heal, nourish and maintain ourselves.  There is no realistic way we can do that in an unhealthy state.  We must start with healing ourselves.  A Sound Right approach to healing is a mental, spiritual, and physical journey to a healthy mind and body.  We will address all three existences of the self (you) on this website.

The Nuwpunu  race, called Black people all over the World are suffering from most of the terminal illnesses that are known on the planet; especially in America.  Most of the terminal illnesses that plague this country are attributed to Black people.  In comparison to White Americans, Nuwpunu Americans have more disease, disability, and early death.

The question is why?  Why are black people, more than any other race in America, enduring and dying at unproportional numbers from illnesses like hypertension (high blood pressure), obesity, cirrhosis, osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes, TB, Lupus, AIDS, all cancers, heart attacks, brain attacks (strokes), pregnancy related deaths, and our number one disease which is vitamin D deficiency a.k.a mal-illumination or simply lack of SUN SHINE.  Why are we, over all other races in America, the highest risk of these malfunctions?

The first and most relevant response to these types of questions is the fact that Nuwpunu people have accepted and adhere to an alien (Western) lifestyle which includes an improper, inadequate, malnourished diet; a way of death called Isfut by our ancestors.  Ancient Nuwpunu health science is sound and right.  Living by the Laws of Nature is the source and foundation of Africa’s [Nuwaupia] pre-dynastic people.  They knew the importance of a clean temple (body).  Nuwpunu healers had an overstanding of the entire physiological make up of Nuwpunu people.  Nuwpunu Healers knew and would tell their patients how adhering to nature knowledge and spiritual processes, including proper adjustments in lifestyle, nutritional intake and mental state would ease and alleviate any disease. They knew that being in tuned with Paa Kathur A’a RE was the source of optimal health and well being.

Nuwpunu Sound Healing is here to reestablish, reinforce, adhere to and share with you the Ancient Ancestral sciences that have been shared with us.  It is the lack of the right knowledge that has encouraged the lowly state of existence of Nuwpunu around the world; especially in America.  The physical chains have been removed.  It is now time to remove the mental chains that keep us slaves to Western Culture.

 Allow us to help educate you, as our for-parents did, on the fundamental forces of life that give us life!

Allow us to help you wash clean the filth of the West!

Nuwpunu Sound Healing

contains the sound right knowledge, sound right reasoning, and instruction for sound right action which will result in Sound Right Healing of your mental, spiritual and physical self.

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Testimonial John Smith
John Smith
Manager at Viona Business

Testimonial John Smith
John Smith
Manager at Viona Business

Testimonial John Smith
John Smith
Manager at Viona Business