Petition Of Support For A African Cultural Encyclopedia


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An Encyclopedia That Will Change The World View Of African Cultural Achievements






Long overdue a truthful African Cultural Reference Encyclopedia is much needed within the African/Black world community. Long overdue a truthful historical catalog of African culture should and must be presented to the world as a missing puzzle piece filling a much needed gap to World History. No longer do Black children have to wonder with limited options as to who they could write about during Black History Month.












1. Petition To Change One Sided World History Classes To Included Black World History On All Grade Levels.  





2. Petition To Have Black World History Presented- Published- Authored- & Authenticated by non-racially bias Historical Scholars Respected By The Black World Community. Scholars who wish to participate in such a program must be authenticated by the Black World Community based on Historical accuracies of their research and thesis. Academic credentials shall not be requirement but a plus .





3. Petition For The Federal & State Government to Equally Finance Black World History Education On All School Grade Levels As It Finances All Other World History Courses. Additional Support Is Needed For Equal Media Representation Of Black World History.






All Signers Of This Petition Are Registered Georgian Voters Or Will Register To Vote Yes For This Encyclopedia!






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  1. I am willing to sign a petition form to change the foreclosure law in Georgia

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